what our clients say...

  • Louise - Bedford

    Problem: recovery from intense training

    Goal: Set new PBs

    Ken is an extremely knowledgable and experienced therapist. Combining this ability to understand what clients require with highly professional approach makes him one of the best therapists in the business.
    During my 2 years of treatment with him, I have experienced faster recovery from intense training, and increased strength and performance due to re establishing correct alignment and firing patterns following his treatments. I put a lot of my achievements and personal bests down to receiving this bi weekly soft tissue work as I am a mature athlete who would not be pushing my body this hard without his expert help with my recovery.
    In addition to my own treatment I also refer many of my student athletes to Ken as I run a performance programme for gifted athletes. He has been invaluable helping these young people with the volume and intensity of training expected from them. He has helped them recover from injury and reach the highest levels of performance due to his broad understanding of many sports practices.
    I would highly recommend Ken if you have niggles or pain from training or if you are pain free but would like to enhance your recovery and perform at your best.

  • Mark - Bedford

    Problem: Injury

    Goal: To run the London Marathon

    “I became a convert to Sports Massage Bedford when I got an injury a week before the London marathon in 2014. I was certain I would not be able to run but Ken worked wonders in two massages that week and I completed London in a PB.
    Since then i view it as an essential part of training for any long distance run - Ken's knowledge of the root cause of discomfort is extensive and highly personalised - there is no question in my mind that he has prevented injuries and helped me run faster by addressing areas of tightness in my legs before they become injuries. I can't recommend him highly enough”

  • Ben - Bedford

    Problem: Lower back pain

    Goal: Be able to stand for my job without pain

    “Thanks to you Ken I have been able to stand for my job without the use of copious amounts of pain killers. Not only is Ken relieving the tension I build up in my body by sitting at a desk all day, he also gives me advice on what I would benefit from when I am training in the gym. I have become so much more aware of my body and now twinned with the CrossFit I am doing and learning proper functional movements, my back hasn't felt this good for about 10 years I would say”

  • Nicole - Bedford

    Problem: Tension headaches

    Goal: Stop having headaches

    “Thanks so much Ken, for finding the source of my headaches and helping me understand what was causing them and most of all for the treatments you gave me. I can’t say that it was always painfree but I can say they were always effective in relieving tension. The massage you gave me really opened my eyes to what massage can really be, and not just the traditional, "stroke-your-back-for-30-minutes-while-we-play-whale-music" kind of thing, it was focused and purposeful.
    What I was also happy and surprised by, was when you thought that there was something else happening that sports massage alone wasn't going to fix and you referred me to your wonderful physio. You could have just taken my money for years but instead you cared more about my welfare than your back pocket and for that I am so grateful for, because the physio saw an additional problem and was able to work along side your treatments to make an even bigger difference.”