Tom Barwood

Soft Tissue Therapist
  • Sports Massage Therapist Level 3

A little MORE about TOM...

Tom was born with profoundly flat feet and told from an early age that he should avoid any sport involving his feet. Ignoring this he went on to be an avid runner, triathlete, hillwalker and mountaineer all of which goes some way to explaining Tom’s philosophy on life!

After a very enjoyable sporting career running is now off the cards but Tom still swims and cycles regularly and has a very successful ‘walk coaching’ business inspiring people along the lanes and bridleways of Bedfordshire. As an ex-Geography teacher, he also specialises in taking his own family on field trips in the hills which they really enjoy (not)!

Tom trained with Sports Therapy UK in Hertford and as Sports Massage’s newest recruit he is keen to get his sports massage career under way. As a practitioner he is personable, patient, and inspiring and looks forward to putting his experience and skills together to keep you ‘Up and Running’. Tom has a passion to be simply brilliant at sports massage. Tom will onward refer any detailed injuries to our expert team. But rest assured if you want a thorough detailed sports massage, Tom is your man!